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The Big Rules

Don't be a dick.

Our game is low-key and friendly, and that's how we'd prefer to keep it. We expect maturity from everyone who plays here. When we say "mature," we don't mean "act polite and then bitch behind everyone's back because the internet is an excuse to be hateful," we mean legitimately mature enough to be aware that this is small potatoes and to let petty frustrations go. We're really not interested in player drama; it's pointless and exhausting, and the mods have no patience for players who cannot maintain proper perspective. If you stir shit or show your ass, it is grounds for removal. And if you're a new player and you mention that you read this paragraph at the top of your app, your character will start the game with a sixty point bonus.

Be active.

Our game can be pretty slow. However, that does not mean you can app in and then just faff off most of the time. Because we're on the small side, active players are all the more important to keep things moving. We do not allow character sitting; you have to actively play, or your character will be removed.



What type of characters do you accept?

We accept virtually every type of character except for RPF/non-fictionalized real people. (Fictional versions of real people are okay, but they have to come from a fictional canon and cannot just be based on themselves.) We allow regular fandom characters, general OCs, fandom OCs, fandom AUs, and CRAU from other games.

How do you handle non-humans?

We accept non-human characters provided they 1) are not a non-fandom OC, and 2) have a human-like personality. We treat protagonists from games like Dragon Age as fandom OCs, and they are appable. If your OC has a source canon you didn't create yourself, they are probably appable, but it's always good to ask just to be safe.

PLEASE NOTE: All non-human characters become 100% human in the game, regardless of whether they were very humanlike or not. From Vulcans to Transformers, they all become human beings. Due to the memory alteration aspects of our meta plot, these characters may even begin to wonder whether they were ever truly anything other than human in the first place. This does NOT affect powers/abilities unless the powers were directly tied to being non-human. (Such as a Transformer, for example.) It does, however, affect appearance -- Physiologically, characters appear entirely human.

How do you handle powers and magic?

Any powered characters or magic users will be subject to a dampener, and they will lose their special abilities upon arrival. However, beginning July 1, 2017, players will be able to purchase these abilities (and/or others) for their characters at varying intensity levels using points.

Is there a character age limit?

Characters must be at least 15 years of age at the time of their arrival.

Does my character automatically speak English?

This is largely left to the discretion of the player. If your character is from an English media canon wherein they clearly speak English but it is implied they are speaking a different language, you can choose to have them magically understand English or not, depending on the sort of challenge you would like to give them.

May my character get pregnant?

Due to the unstable and occasionally dangerous nature of the environment, pregnancy is strictly controlled through biological means by the Observers. Your character may not get pregnant. You may not apply for a character who arrives pregnant; you will need to choose a different exit point in their timeline or create an AU version of the character who is not pregnant.

Do I need a PB? May characters have the same PB?

Strictly speaking, you aren't required to have a PB (face claim), but you'll need some kind of representation for how your character looks for both the cast list and at least one icon on your journal. This can be animation or other art if you prefer.

Duplicate PBs are allowed, however, these characters do not look like doppelgangers. They simply look a lot alike, such as close relatives: Siblings, cousins, etc. Not twins. This applies to characters recognizing celebrities, too; they just look a lot like the celebrity used for their PB.

You may use PBs alternate to the canon. You're welcome and encouraged to add diversity to our cast this way. However, you may not change a character of color into a white PB. (If you don't understand why this would be problematic, this isn't the game for you.) Please also note that changes to a character's sex or gender would require an AU application.

Do you accept duplicates of the same character?

Unfortunately, in an effort to keep things less complicated, we do not allow multiples of the same character. Yes, this includes AU versions, too.

I already have a character IG; may I apply for someone else from the same canon?

While this can vary depending upon circumstances, generally speaking, we do not allow players to have multiple characters from the same canon. We do make exceptions for characters who exist in the same universe but are not from the same canon and unlikely to cross paths in canon. (Such as the MCU movies vs. Marvel Netflix or characters from the wider Stephen King universe.)

How do you handle drops and IG death?

Death is permanent at 6I, and characters who die in-game are no longer available for application. Characters which are dropped, however, are immediately open for application. If you have dropped in good standing and would like to return to the game with the same character, please contact the mods.

My character is disabled/requires medication/has special needs. Do the technology limitations still apply?

This can be tricky to answer because of the breadth of possibilities. Generally, we err on the side of allowing assistive technology and medication and leave the extent to player discretion. However, we also encourage players to thoughtfully explore disabilities IG rather than find means to erase them.

If your character requires glasses, they may automatically arrive with those, but not contact lenses. If the glasses break, however, you will need to use points to purchase a new pair.

My character has an injury; are they healed upon arrival IG?

Generally speaking, characters are medically sound upon arrival. However, if you have an injury that significantly relates to the character's personal plot arc, we leave this up to player discretion. You're allowed to keep an injury for plot purposes, do away with it completely or simply leave a scar. Just don't forget when you make your decisions that that your job as an Observer is to mess with your character's mind.


How fast does time pass IG?

Time at 6I is 1:1, or real time. The current day IG is the current day in real life. You are, however, allowed to take as long as you need to write threads.

What kind of writing style is allowed?

All of our gameplay is in prose. (Log/Para style.) You may use whatever tense and point of view you like.

Is there an IG network?

No, due to the nature of the game and its plot, there is no in-game network.

How do I make log posts?

All gameplay takes place in our logs community. All posts should include the header below, which is also permanently stickied to the top of [community profile] sixthiterationlogs.

We don't have a requirement for post length, but OTAs should be 200 words to receive the points bonus, and that's a good length to aim for. You may put whatever you like in the subject line. If the post is open to all, you might want to put "OTA" or "Open" somewhere in the subject line, but this isn't required.

If you want to make a post open to a specific character, please make sure you've discussed this with the character's player first. This is basic etiquette.

If any part of your post (including subsequent comments) becomes adult in nature, please 1) list a warning on the post header, and 2) change the post's age restriction to 18+ on the post's edit page.

Last but not least, please make sure that you add your character's tag to the post.

How do I reply to open posts?

An open post can have as many simultaneous threads as the poster feels comfortable with. All new threads start from the end of the post and happen concurrently through the magic of RP unless you've agreed to something different with the poster. (i.e., Threads do not take place linearly, one after another, unless you want them to.) No thread-jacking (replying/tagging into the middle of a thread other than your own) without permission.

Please keep in mind that while a very short reply is okay every once in awhile when the narrative pace calls for it, the bulk of your comments should be more than a couple of lines. They don't have to be huge essays and we won't be nit-picky about this unless it's a chronic problem. The most critical thing is to make sure you're giving your writing partner something to work with and respond to.

Please make sure you add your character's tag to every post you reply to.

May I forward/backdate my posts/threads?

Yes! We allow both.

Is adult content allowed?

Yes, adult content is welcome! However, it's imperative that you properly warn for such in the header of your post.

If you are threading in a mingle post (shared by the entire game as opposed to your own personal post) and adult content is imminent, we ask that you move the thread to a brand new post with proper warning header to avoid someone accidentally stumbling on something they don't want to read. You have two options: Drop the link to the new post in the last comment to the thread so that the new post functions as a continuation of that thread for AC and points purposes, or have the new post start fresh, such as when the characters exit the mingle/party. To be clear: This is only necessary in MINGLE POSTS. Adult content in personal posts and OTAs are fine as long as you warn clearly in the post header.

How do you handle fourth-walling?

Fourth-walling/canon puncturing (A character realizing that another character is fictional and telling them so) is not allowed. Characters have had their memories altered so that anytime they might make the fictional connection, they run up against a mental block, sort of like having a name on the tip of your tongue but being unable to recall it. They might feel like they know the character from somewhere but can't recall where. For some characters, this might prove intensely frustrating if the player chooses. Characters may even say/think something pop culture related and not make the connection with someone they know. ("You're a wizard, Harry!" said sarcastically, for example, and they don't connect the phrase with "Harry Potter" as we know it or that they happen to know Hermione, but they understand the underlying context.) This also applies to memories from previous games, but this rule strictly applies to a character's fictionality, not any other CR.

How often are there IG events?

6I has meta plot events on a monthly basis. Players are given the information on the upcoming month's plot in the middle of the current month, and are able to volunteer as needed.

How is technology handled IG?

The game has modern technology restrictions. With the occasional exception dictated by mods, IG tech may not be more modern than the Edwardian era (1890-1910).

I would like my character to use a community building/start an initiative/take charge of something. What do I do?

We encourage all our players to take the initiative to get things happening IG. If your idea could impact other characters, please post to the OOC community with your ideas so that other players may weigh in, as there could be circumstances you're not aware of. We also generally recommend playing out this sort of plot IG as opposed to doing extensive formal organizing/sign ups OOC so that it can evolve organically and avoid feeling political. We're laid back and want to keep it that way.

Your character may use community buildings for any reasonable use, just remember that it's a shared space. Please let the mods know on the lodging page if you use a space for something other than its original purpose. You'll also probably want to mention it on the world building page.

How does my character arrive IG?

Details on where and how characters arrive into the game can be found here.

Where can I find out about the latest events and meta plot?

All the details on the ongoing meta plot can be found on the "monthly plot discussion" tag on the OOC community. These posts are locked to members.

I have a plot idea! What do I do?

Drop the mods a line! We can't guarantee that we'll use your idea, but we save all the ideas we receive, and if we do end up using it in the future, you get bonus points for the suggestion.

If you have an extensive plot you'd like to plan and coordinate for the game, we can also help you with that. Send us the details and we'll discuss whether it conflicts with the meta plot. Creating and organizing this sort of plot gets you even MORE bonus points.


Where can I find information on the game's setting?

Our setting page is here. Players can also contribute information to the locked world building page, here.

Where do I find my character a place to stay?

The IG lodging page is here.

What is the IG weather like?

Unless otherwise specified, the weather is whatever is current at Crater Lake, OR.

What tools and weapons are available?

Tools and weapons are very limited IG, and you should not assume that your character has ready access to more than primitive tools and weapons. Most nicer options have been provided through plot or Observer gift boxes. There is a locked listing here.

What sort of supplies are available?

For most intents and purposes, none that the characters do not provide for themselves. Occasionally plot will provide some supplies, and there is always the option for Observers to purchase supplies for their characters, but generally speaking, characters must provide for themselves.

What are the IG constellations like?

The constellations are close to what they would be for the current time in the Pacific Northwest. However, a trained eye will notice that they seem slightly out of proper alignment at times.

What happens if my character tries to escape?

It is up to you as an Observer to prevent their escape by whatever means necessary. So if they try to scale the canyon wall, perhaps it's simply impossibly slippery, or they are attacked by an angry bird or a bolt of lighting comes down out of a clear sky. You've got lots of options, so feel free to use your imagination.

What happens to the stuff that belonged to dropped characters?

Their clothes and the items which arrived with them disappear as well, but any points-purchased items stay. You may claim these items here, but please work out these details with the player who has dropped if necessary before claiming anything. If the player is no longer around, these items are first come, first served.


Is there a player age limit?

We recommend that our players be at least 25 just because we're an older group of players, but anyone over 18 can apply.

What is the application limit?

A player may submit up to 1 application per calendar month. If your application is declined, you must wait 30 days from the time of your original hold comment before placing the same character on hold again. The application page is here.

Is there a character limit?

Players may have up to 5 characters in the game simultaneously. If the player has enough points, they may trade those points for up to 2 additional character slots, for a total of 7 possible characters in the game at once.

Are holds required?

Holds are required for all applications. This helps make sure that you don't waste your time writing an entire application for a character that isn't eligible for apping. Players may only have one hold at a time. You can place holds here.

How soon may I app from a new canon?

At this time, we do not have a waiting period for applications from new canons.

Is there a game test drive?

Yes! You can find our latest TDM here.

When may I submit my application?

Holds and applications are always open. However, please note that the mods take off the last 7 days of the month from processing applications. We will happily accept application submissions during that time, but we will not review/process them until the start of the new month.

I dropped a character and would like to reapply for that character. What do I do?

If you left the game in good standing, please contact the mods.


What is the monthly activity requirement?

To meet the monthly AC, characters must demonstrate ONE VERIFIABLE PROOF OF REASONABLE ACTIVITY, which must take place WITHIN THE PREVIOUS CALENDAR MONTH:
  • 1 open (OTA) logs post or top-level of at least 200 words, provided you make a reasonable effort to reply to new threads ("Reasonable effort" does NOT mean only one or two comments per thread over the course of several weeks.)


  • 1 single logs thread to a post containing at least 6 comments from your character


  • A total of at least 15 comments from your character over multiple logs threads (Please keep in mind that this option is intended for difficult months; chronic failure to have threads of a substantive length within a month may result in contact from the mods.)
PLEASE NOTE: If the mods feel you are abiding by the letter of the AC but not the spirit of it -- e.g., chronically skating by and not substantively contributing for months at a time -- they reserve the right to ask for additional proofs of activity, per the big rules at the top of this page.

If you have extenuating circumstances that make it difficult or impossible to meet your AC, please let the mods know as soon as you're able so that we can work with you.

You do not need to meet the AC if your character was approved less than 2 weeks prior to the 1st. HOWEVER, you MUST meet your first required AC or your character will automatically be removed from the game.

After the first month, if the player fails to meet the AC, they will have an opportunity to remain in the game by providing DOUBLE proofs of activity for the following month. A second month’s failure to meet the AC will result in loss of the character.

How do I check in to the AC?

The AC post is open from the 1st-7th of each month. Proofs must be itemized in the player’s AC comment. Failure to check in could mean removal from the game, although we do allow a 3 day grace period between the 8th and 10th wherein you may still check in but simply lose 10 points. You must check into the AC post even if you have not met the AC.

I need to go on hiatus; what do I do?

Because our monthly AC is so low, you must still meet the AC even if you've gone on hiatus unless you have purchased an AC free month with points. The only exception to this would be extenuating circumstances beyond your control, at which point you'd need to contact the mods. Otherwise, hiatuses should be posted about at [community profile] sixthiterationooc with the "hiatus notices" tag.

What are points and how do I use them?

Points are OOC incentives awarded for things such as IG activity, coming up with wide-scale plots, and referring other players. Points may be exchanged for a multitude of things both IG and OOG, such as being able to play more than 5 characters and temporary IG plot devices like magical abilities/powers. Please see the full list here.


I have a question I can't find the answer to!

Drop the mods a note via this post. This is always the best way to get in touch, because it allows any of the mods to answer. We do our best to answer as quickly as we can. We love getting questions, so please don't be shy!